Our students are our treasures, and we honor them by nurturing their innate curiosity and following their interests



    Our teachers strive to foster the deepest love of learning imaginable



    Our parents are an integral part of our learning community and encouraged to actively participate in our school celebrations and events

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inspire curiosity & empower learners

WonderWell is a first-class private early learning school in Austin, Texas that embraces emergent curriculum and the Reggio Emilia philosophy of early childhood education. We believe that children learn best when their learning is personally meaningful and relevant to their own interests and lives. Our mission is to inspire their innate curiosity and instill a deep love of learning. WonderWell passionately serves children ages two through six years with our primary and pre-primary programs, our exclusive Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten program, and an after school care option for our families.

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Our state-of-the-art building is the icing on the cake. Your child’s safety will be our top priority. WonderWell will have multiple secure access points along with a courtyard playground that is shielded from the public eye. In an effort to make sure this dream is realized, our courtyard playground will be a 6,400 square foot outdoor classroom unlike any other. This beautiful extension of nature will be a space for limitless, authentic discovery. Additionally, our architectural plans include a walk-in observation room in every classroom. After studying the design and functions of the observation rooms at the Texas Tech University Child Development Research Center in Lubbock, Texas, we have partnered with our architects to design these unique, non-invasive rooms both for parents and teachers.

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