Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

In addition to the qualifications and roles and responsibilities outlined below, the Pre-Kindergarten Teacher is responsible for maintaining compliance with the licensing laws and Minimum Standards for Child-Care Centers set forth by the Texas Health and Human Services.

The Pre-Kindergarten Teacher must satisfy the minimum qualifications for caregivers outlined in the Minimum Standards for Child-Care Centers sections 746.1105 and 746.1107 and additionally have the following qualifications:

  • Core knowledge of early childhood development and Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP)
  • A commitment to collaboration and high ethical professional standards
  • A demonstrated eagerness for professional development
  • A collegial, energetic, and engaging demeanor
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Lauded experience working with young children, parents, and colleagues
  • An interest in and commitment to being an active participant in the WonderWell school community

Essential Job Functions:

  • Must be able to be at the school on time during the hours of 7:15 am to 4:00 pm and as needed
  • Must be able to meet with parents of children either before or after school hours
  • Must be able to lift children weighing up to 40 pounds
  • Must be able to carry and move equipment and supplies weighing up to 25 pounds
  • Must be proficient in the use of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Seesaw
  • Must be able to think and reason clearly and articulate calmly in difficult situations

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Collaborate with WonderWell staff to plan and implement a student-led, constructivist Health and Wellness program
  • Collaborate with WonderWell staff to plan and implement learning provocations inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy of early childhood education
  • Foster a warm, nurturing learning environment inclusive of all children using a variety of positive reinforcement strategies and best practices
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the developmental stages and needs of young children and support them in a positive, nurturing manner
  • Actively participate in WonderWell’s teaching community in which collaboration, dialogue, and exchange are practiced values
  • Exhibit an eagerness to learn and utilize the technology required to document the learning experiences of the children
  • Maintain student confidentiality at all times

Parent Involvement and Communication:

  • Value parents as partners in their child’s education and maintain frequent contact with them regarding their child’s progress, needs, goals, and celebrations
  • Meet with parents to discuss their child's progress and to determine priorities for their child's education
  • Recognize parent concerns, evaluate course of action, and respond accordingly; ensure that appropriate and involved staff are aware of specific parent concerns

Human Resources:

  • Follow all policies stated in the WonderWell Personnel Policies Handbook
  • Observe all rules and regulations pertaining to the health, safety, and care of children at all times
  • Establish and maintain positive working relationships with state licensing authorities and vendors
  • Actively develop and maintain positive staff relationships and parent partnerships
  • Attend all staff meetings, orientations, and/or school functions
  • Perform other duties as assigned