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So much progress! WonderWell is almost ready! Turf arrived today, deck (made from ipe wood) is in progress, Angeles trikes, light tables and light boxes were ordered today, Customs form for Natural Pod furniture has been completed (thank you, Jane Smith Oldham for this and one million other things) so they can begin shipping it from Canada, the hiring of great teachers continues, and IMAGINEER ENROLLMENT IS OFF THE CHARTS! Oh, and check out those toilet seat covers 😜 still don’t remember selecting these but we are loving them! Ha! #fromdreamtoconcrete #wonderwell #reggioinspired


“It may be bright enough to see with your naked eye — and for sure in binoculars,” NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration says.

Imagineer Parents: be sure to show this to your Imagineers tonight! #welovespace #weloveNASA

We love our pumpkins! Jet’s carnival made me so excited for WonderWell’s very first carnival next fall! We are going to have so much fun! 🍂🍎🎃

Another #RADReggio post for today since I owe you several 😆 >>> Let’s talk Reggio and Halloween 🎃 I saw this on a Reggio group I follow earlier and thought this captured exactly why I love the approach (as opposed to cookie-cutter spiders, etc. that all look the same and fail to allow students to unleash their creativity): “My group of students wanted to build a ‘haunted house’ from boxes and rolls of masking tape which quickly morphed into sticky masking tape spider webs which sparked big interest in spiders and snakes...follow their lead instead of focusing on you having to come up with projects...” Love it - follow THEIR lead! Authentic learning is endless!

Fairy Dust Teaching

“In America, we currently have this idea that our children are struggling academically so the answer lies in pushing them more and more, at earlier and earlier ages… If our children are struggling academically, it does not make sense to make them do more of the same things that are failing them and from a younger age.”

We passionately embrace DAP at WonderWell! This is a must-read >>> “Just as you can’t grab any dress from any section and expect it to fit your goddaughter, you can’t very well create a one-size-fits-all approach to education and call it DAP. The entire philosophy implies an attention not only to general developmental levels, but those of individuals as well.”

Today’s #RADReggio post >>> A year ago this week I was studying in Reggio Emilia, Italy! One of the best weeks of my life! Toured many Reggio preschools and met some of the most outstanding Pedagogistas who were/are expert scaffolders and designed experiences around their students’ interests. So thankful for this experience...WonderWell and our Imagineer families will continue to benefit from this study trip for years to come! #fromdreamtoconcrete #wonderwell #reggioinspired

Fun in Uvalde this weekend! Saylor’s first time meeting the longhorns...Willie and Waylon! We also got a great picture of the Mommy Kudu! Can’t wait for my husband to teach our Imagineers all about exotic animals!

We are so, so happy! WonderWell’s Imagineer Enrollment folder/admission forms are the best we have ever seen - thank you, Sarah Windsor, for every single detail you put into this particular project (among all of the others you’re working on for us AND your full-time job at ASP)! This project took every bit of 40 hours. Esteban and I edited the state’s content/drafted our own content and Sarah made it beautiful. Can’t wait to put these in the hands of our Imagineer families starting MONDAY! #fromdreamtoconcrete #wonderwell #reggioinspired


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